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Cross platform development
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Cross platform development

In the realm of IT, prevalence of the expression "Cross Platform Mobile Application Development" is expanding step by step. Titanium Appcelerator is an open source platform for application development, which gives you a chance to produce native mobile, desktop and tablet application consuming present web skills like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ruby, Python and PHP. It originates with an in built linguistic Operating System and a runtime shell that compiles and packages your applications for cross platform distribution. iMOBDEV Technologies has a group of specialists in Titanium Mobile Application Development which essentially create hybrid apps.

Our areas to serve Cross Platform Mobile Apps

  • Custom cross platform mobile Applications
  • Social networking apps
  • Gaming centre apps
  • News application
  • Banking applications
  • Enterprise apps
  • Sports based applications
  • Audio and music flooding apps
  • Business utility apps
  • Location based apps
  • Photo sharing Apps
  • Logical Apps
  • Entertainment applications

Our process of Cross Platform Mobile App Development

We follow very simple and modest process for the app development of cross platform:

  1. Recognize user’s cross platform commercial purposes
  2. Craft a Papers revealing user’s app functionalities
  3. Provide Confirmation for timeline and milestones
  4. Design attractive User Interface
  5. Generate Code and integrate it
  6. Testing of functionalities
  7. Submit application to the Play store
  8. Marketing of application

Why iMOBDEV Technologies

We have exceptionally skilled interface designers and Cross Platform Developers with us to fulfil our clients according to their circumstances in regards to Cross platform mobile applications and games development. We give 100% confirmation about the security of source code and Bug free Web Development. Method of cross checking on numerous gadgets can perform by our masters for best result. We improve your current iOS, android and blackberry applications and games to other working frameworks for you to get profited in the high race of market.

Excited! Let’s Talk

We are extremely excited to speak with you to perceive your necessities keeping in mind the end goal to speak to the finest quality arrangements. Kindly don't hesitate to Contact us for your Titanium Appcelerator Development. We are well disposed individuals who would love to converse with you, so feel free to contact us for any sort of Query without any bother.