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Utmost Android app development trend for 2016 predicted by experts

Utmost Android app development trend for 2016 predicted by experts

This is a time of mobile holic people. Thousands of apps introduced everyday. So, to have good impact, you must exercise the latest trends & technology advancements. Watch out the Android app development trends- 2016 for defining the worthy apps.

Utmost Android app development trend for 2016 predicted by experts
In the technology driven world, you have to match with the latest trends to move ahead smoothly. If you don't step up with the technology roll outs, then you are immediately out of the competition. Mobile app design & development is a field, where the trends change frequently. The Google Play Store & Apple App store both are crowded with billions of apps inside. Definitely, apps belong to different app development companies. It is a fact that, not all developers are successful to fulfil their goals. According to the forecast reports, users will get thousands of options  while finding an app with specific keywords. Obviously, users will go for the best & trendy. Hence, go for the app development trends-2016. Developers can follow the trends through their profession & folks can ask their app development team to deliver the trendy apps. Here are the Predicted mobile app trends-2016.

App security:

In the digital world, it's very simple to crack anyone's private data. Google Android Marshmallow 6.0 is released with the updated security protocols. During the upcoming years, apps are supposed to collect high sensitive information, hence security gaps will not at all be tolerated by the actual users. Developers even put the security in the center stage. The e-commerce & service based apps specifically collect confidential information. This factor was also trending during the year 2015 due to its exclusive importance in the industry & still for the 2016 also, it continues.

Almost apps will be available for free to download:

The analytic report for 2015 reveals that, approx 75% of apps are absolutely free to download in your devices. For 2016, this numeric is supposed to be raised with 93%. Most probably, in-app purchases will be integrated by developers for the purpose of revenue generation. To install the app would be absolutely free, but for the extended features, app publishers may take some charges.

User experience will be kept first:

It is not just that you follow the competitors' approach in iPhone or Android app development. Each time developers are required to analyse the user requirements as they come up with the new expectations always. Apps must retain all the functionalities across varied devices that people are using worldwide. User interaction is vital. Otherwise, your app may be dropped from their end. If you have strong marketing campaigns running, then by the time you can gain increased number of downloads & perhaps you may reach to your targeted number. But, the most important is to hold those installs for a long time. Often, the users uninstall maximum apps after using for sometime. And if the users do this, conversion rates will be affected negatively. Hence, You can expect the best performance from user centric apps. Are you building Mobile applications and want to get superior output? Want to know the most important aspects of the development? Follow these tips.

Location based support:

Resources reveal that, people are mostly interested in the localized services and so require precise location for the suggestions in shopping. As a result, clients ask developers to develop the app with location support. Already existing apps may also come up with the location-based support in the next version to grab ultimate attention of users. For the mobile app developers it's going to be a challenging task to build the location based apps with minimum battery drain.

Businesses to invest more in the In-app adds:

In 2016, in-app advertisement will have a wider range. Most probably you do not like in-app advertisements. But, the app publishers are seeing a good revenue in the in-app advertisements. That's why expenditures in the app advertisements will raise with compare to the past year 2015. How the developers manage ad networks without interrupting app flaw will reflect their expertise. It is challenging to offer better user experience as users are expecting friendly apps. For the businesses, revenue generation is as well important. Hence, even for the experienced developers it is stimulating to make a balance between these two trendy elements.

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Enterprise apps to lead in the market:

During 2016, all big enterprises will have their own apps for consumer services & in-house data management as well. Third party enterprise app developers may have many small & big scale business projects. Prominent developers predict that enterprise apps will dominate the market of consumer apps.

Rapid development process:

A tough competition is there in mobile app development. Clients also expect mobile app development company to accomplish the project quickly. Hence, the companies offering flexible app development services & believes in 'Quick to market' approach will be probably preferred by many clients who are in search of quick mobility solutions.


The year 2016 is going to be splendid for the most qualified developers. The geeks of app development can easily satisfy the clients' requirements. Basically, the user centric apps will become the superiors in respective industry. Consumers are always in a search of something new & interesting in the app features. So, if you are coming with any beyond the expectation ideas & services then it will surely lift up your clients' business. Keeping the constant eyes on technology roll-outs & smart development techniques is vital for the iPhone & Android app developers.
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