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The team of iMOBDEV Technologies encompasses of brilliant professionals with astonishing abilities to assist the best in the IT industry. We create world-class Mobile and Web Applications on the global platform for the people that make use of latest technologies. Each and every one of our company signifies the spirit of our firm and their amiable attitude towards the customers has assisted us to gain a superior quantity of business. We go to great lengths to recognize self-starters with different knowledge and ability sets to create not just actual office personnel, but an experienced, brilliant and corresponding team.
Dipak Patel

DEEPAK PATEL: Founder and Head Communications

Founder and Head Communications

The company was started under the leadership of Mr. Deepak Patel who is responsible for developing business alliances as well as building the management team.
Jignesh Brahmkhatri

JIGNESH BRAHMKHATRI: Founder and Head Project Execution

Founder and Head Project Execution

Mr. Jignesh Brahmkhatri is a Co-founder of iMOBDEV Technologies achieved his Masters in Computer Applications having experience in the development of mobile applications in various esteemed organizations.
Tauseef Anwar

Tauseef Anwar: Manager- Business Development

Mr. Tauseef Anwar serves as a Head of Business Development Team and responsible for new business procurement, business planning, sales negotiation, client interaction, follow ups and relationship management.
Harris Bornstein

Harris Bornstein: Business Consultant

As a Business Consultant Mr. Harris Bornstein plays an actions which constantly paved an approach in the marketplace via meaningful services through mobile and enterprise platform.
Rahul Singh

Rahul Singh: Manager-Mobile Application

As a Manager Mr. Rahul Singh leads a large team of mobile app developers and responsible to maintain project details, preparation of project plans, assign task and technical leadership and give assurance of code quality.
Bhavin Parmar

Bhavin Parmar: Manager-Web Development

As a project manager Mr. Bhavin Parmar is responsible for strategies of projects like planning, costing and budgeting as well as database architecture development. He has a great knowledge in the extent of Web Development.
Ishani shah

Ishani shah: Manager-HR

Miss Ishani is an experienced personality in tactical HR actions such as recruitment, employee engagement events, development of organization, policy making and payroll controlling.