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iMOBDEV Technologies believe in quality work and customer satisfaction, hence we offer a set of flexible pricing models to our customers So that they can select the best as per their business requirements.

Fixed Price

This model works excellent for customers with definite requirements and project schedules. Below this model, the customer pays a fixed price for the whole project, which in turn is linked to precise deliverables. For any change in scope the customer has to pay a fixed hourly rate, which was decided at the beginning of the project. For any changes in the scope there is a standard change request process that is to be followed.

This model guarantees on-time and on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, costs and timelines are clearly defined in the fixed cost model.

Hire a dedicated developer

In this model iMOBDEV reserves resources, equipment and infrastructure, exclusively for the customer. The hired developer will be working only on the customer’s requirement. While such a model is normally for a pre-determined minimal period of time, it allows the client to leverage the talent pool of the company. Customer will have the total control on their dedicated developer by directly controlling the team structure and project flow. You can choose the best suitable developer by reviewing the detailed resume and interviewing them.

Revenue Sharing

Technology services firms are moving to a revenue/gain share model where they get a chunk of the client's revenues or gains made due to increased productivity or reduction in processing time. iMOBDEV believe this 'slice of the action' strategy could not only be the next differentiator but also boost revenues.

In this model, organizations that share the same vision as iMOBDEV and see the path to success also to be same join hands with us. Here, both the entities share the same risk and the returns on a particular venture.