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TravAlarm Award Winning Mobile App Developed By iMOBDEV

TravAlarm Award Winning Mobile App Developed By iMOBDEV

An unavoidable part of any worker’s day-to-day life is Delays that take place in the public transportation. In today’s arena, cities are spreading very quickly and becoming livelier. People would also love to live in such kind of area but they got frustrated when they have to face the situation of delays in their daily transportation. As we all know, there is no alternate option to overcome this problem. But Award winning TravAlarm App offers an amazing possibility for this.

TravAlarm Application got rewarded by the Awards” Runner-up Prize ($5,000): Best Consumer/Transit Rider App and Best Crowdsourcing App ($5,000)” in the competition of App Quest 3.0.

A worldwide competition App Quest 3.0 takes place for the solicitation development of new mobile solutions which are intended to be helpful in the improvement of millions of subways like busses and trains. This competition is sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, AT&T, Transit Wireless and New York University’s Centre for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).

Award Winning TravAlarm App Delivered by iMOBDEV

The process of TravAlarm iOS and Android App Development has been accompanied by keeping in mind all the functionalities provided by the smart devices. This application is very useful for the users as it pays exceptional attention to them; a user does not need to check out manually about any delays which are going to take place, if they utilize this amazing application. TravAlarm give surety that the people who are utilizing this app on their smart phones will never be frustrated just because of their late attendance at important meetings.

An individual can download and get access of this app free from the App store of Google as well as iOS and enjoy its work as a smart phone journey planner. If an individual need to set alarms for their journey and trips they can easily set it through this astounding app. The main purpose to craft this app is to give alerts and notifications to the travellers regarding delays of the public transportations. The provided notification by the TravAlarm App will wakes the users up earlier when they are about to plan for their appointments, meetings, etc. After making use of this stunning app, an individual can stay away from the frustration of waiting for the bus or train in the cold or sweltering hot station in the hot sun, heavy rain or snowfall.

TravAlarm is Android and iOS App for Travel, consists of built-in features like Alarm Clock for the notification of delays who alert you as per settings which you set and Music Player to listen favourite tunes in the duration of travelling. This application will helpful to professional travellers who want to take a short break between the stops of train as well as also cooperative to the school children if they want to make sure that they are running as per the decided schedule for the class.

Amazing Features:

  • TravAlarm deeply notice the entire arranged journey and its modules in the background and give notification to users about delays on any of the components.
  • Users can track several components of the next planned journey if it is an over ground journey and able to track GPS.
  • Tracking of the train journey can also possible; user gets easily informed about the next stop station of the journey they are passing through.
  • New York subway busses and trains metro driving map schedules
  • Real-Time Data Feed Reference for Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Rail Road
  • Featured in Chicago Tribune, T3 Gadget Magazine, Washington Examiner, Metro Newspaper
  • MTA GTFS, MTA Service status API, GTFS-real-time Reference for the New York City Subway, MTA Commuter Rail Real-Time Feed Datasets

The TravAlarm application is designed so intuitively for your Android and iOS smart phones, automatically delivers notification to your screen, to give the alerts about delays in daily schedule of public transportation.

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